About Sue's Health Foods

Sue's Health Foods has been serving the High Desert since 1984 and is committed to offering the finest and most effective health care products available.

Sue's has something for everyone. With a great selection of effective Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Exceptional Body Care Products, over 100 Bulk Food items, Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, Specialty items, Books, Gifts and Gift Certificates you will be delighted when you shop our store.

We believe the quality of one's life is equal to the quality of one's health - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our purpose is to support those on the journey of increased wellness by offering exceptional nutritional products, foods and knowledge to assist in our customers health related goals.

The highest priority at Sue's is our customer. We employ a friendly and helpful staff motivated by concern and compassion. Many of our staff have completed Nutrition Courses and are passionate about sharing what they know. We invite you to stop by and experience our store and staff for yourself.  We would love to meet you!

We support Vitamin Angel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of blindness in children of impoverished countries.  We also support many other organizations - local and otherwise - to help others in their journey through life.

I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.



Sue Huber C.N., Owner, Certified Nutritionist 

After reclaiming my own health years ago, I became committed to helping others do the same and opened my store in 1984.  I am a Certified Nutritionist throught N.I.N.E., - way back in 1989. I am also a Cerified Health Coach through I.I.N.. a  Bioenergetic Practitioner and also trained in other approaches to wellness. Witnessing positive change in people's lives keeps me motivated!  I love to hear how people have taken control of their own health and lifestyles! 

Alex Elenburg

Alex has been working at Sue's since 2011, has completed the Alive Academy Nutrition and Alive Academy Certified Product Advisor. She contributes greatly to customer care and most every aspect of store business.  She is a master at getting our product on the shelves quickly!  If you need help with a Special Order - Alex is your go to girl.
Jeanne Robertson, Customer Care Expert 

Jeanne has been with Sue's since 2001 and has successfully completed the 36 lesson Bastyr Nutritional Course. She is often found on the vitamin aisle sharing her knowledge with others.  Her care for our customers is evident in the concern she demonstrates. Her attention to detail and accuracy are amazing and oh so helpful! 

Trish Pratt, Bookkeeper & Certified Product Advisor 

Trish is an expert bookkeeper and brilliant at her job.  But her interest in learning more about nutrition and her concern for others is what makes her a perfect fit at our store. She pays the bills on time, balances the books and assists customers with their nutritional needs!   She is certified as "Product Advisor" from Alive Academy. 

Sarah Hill, Customer Service Representative 

Sarah is a natural at Sue's.  She loves learning and her committment to people and good health doesn't end at the store. She shares her passion with our customers and the people she comes in contact with both in and out of the store.  You can find her primarily on or near the Vitamin Aisle and she is happy to help with any special orders or whatever the need is. 

Pamela  Jean King

We were thilled when Pamela joined our staff.  She is a genuine, caring person and passionate about healthy living.  She is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make your experience a good one and help with whatever the need is.  She is a pure joy.